FinEstBay Floating Development


Blue21 is very excited and honored to announce that we are now working with FinEstBay Area Development from Finland and Shimizu Corporation from Japan on floating islands in the Baltic region.

FinEstBay Area Development, Shimizu Corporation and Blue21 have agreed to collaborate on the concept and design development of Green Float Tallinn, sustainable floating islands which will be located on the Baltic Sea outside of the Tallinn city in Estonia. The floating islands will create a new maritime living, business and recreational attractions for the whole region, supporting the Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel project.

A complete media release is now available in PDF.

Karina Czapiewska

Karina Czapiewska


We are very excited and honored to be involved in this project with these two visionary companies. The planned floating islands will be the start and showcase of self sufficient floating islands for other places in the world.


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