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Blue21, in close collaboration with BOEKHOME, has developed a unique concept to “build” on water. This offers unimaginable possibilities to solve the housing shortage in the Netherlands and beyond.

Locations where in the past only (residential) boats could come, are now made possible for a much greener and more stable alternative. A living quality equal to that on land with the experience of living on the water, and at the same time fully climate-adaptive and circular.

Floating BoekHome is a unique product that has emerged from the collaboration of Boekhome, an innovative manufacturer of high-quality chalets, and Blue21 an international leader in the field of floating construction that once started as a spinoff from TU Delft.

The sustainable, factory-produced recreational homes, are largely made of wood and 100% electric. The unique and maintenance-free “Bluelands system” under the homes ensures an optimal experience of the water while providing maximum stability, of unsinkable quality and is the first floating system consisting of sustainable materials.

Karina Czapiewska

Karina Czapiewska


The Floating BoekHome sets a new standard for recreation in water areas, creating affordable and sustainable living for all.


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