In the Markermeer we want to connect humans back to nature by letting them reside on water and contribute to the ecological system in a positive way. The floating homes contribute to the water quality and habitat restoration and will offer a new nature experience.

Floating buildings and piers create underwater surfaces that can be colonized by algae and mussels. Algae extract inorganic nutrients, releasing oxygen to the environment, whereas mussels filter the water, feeding with organic nutrients.

Floating helophyte filters can be placed next to the platforms, removing dissolved organic matter and diffusing oxygen through their roots. These floating and underwater structures could slow down the current. It will lose the energy to hold particles in suspension so sedimentation can occur again.

Under the floating platforms silt could be collected. The dynamics and interactions among platforms, lake water and ecology should be tested and monitored. The knowledge gained will be used to improve productivity and ecological performances within the project.

Barbara Dal Bo Zanon

Barbara Dal Bo Zanon

Architect and Researcher

"The floating homes will contribute to the water quality, habitat restoration and will offer a new experience that can be a showcase for urbanizing deltas all over the world."




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