French Polynesia is one of many island nations that are suffering from global warming. A third of the country is slowly being submerged by sea level rise. In response to the challenges ahead the government decided to build a floating island.

French Polynesia is a tropical country of 118 islands in the Pacific ocean, where we have identified a variety of suitable locations. It is outside the hurricane belt, has modern cabled internet connections, and many airline links to major cities including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The project consists of constructing ecological floating platforms that could offer a response to the challenges of rising sea levels. The platforms will provide a basis for homes, offices and infrastructure in order to encourage the formation of vibrant communities, to explore new ways of living together and promoting innovation of digital and marine technologies.

In January 2017 the French Polynesian government signed a Memorandum Of Understanding in 2017 with Blue Frontiers, of which Blue21 is a core partner and shareholder. Since then, the team has completed a set of environmental, economic and legal studies, as well as, local community building and site studies.

Learn more by downloading our French Polynesia Concept Design Brochure, or our Environmental Assessment Report.

Karina Czapiewska

Karina Czapiewska

Founder and Floating City Developer

"A floating island is so much more than only architecture, it's about the balance between ecology, under and around the platform and the human inhabitants on top. The development of these types of island can be of great use for remote or sinking island nations, for protection of their food supply, energy and inhabitable space."



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