Floating Pavilion Rotterdam

Realized / Research & Development

The Floating Pavilion is an eye-catching structure that was built as a pilot and a catalyst for floating developments. This type of development presents an opportunity for Rotterdam to bridge the gap between port and city – land and water – and offer attractive working and living environments in the historic port area. Floating structures provide a safe and climate robust solution for these unprotected areas outside the dikes. Both in terms of sustainable innovation and climate-proof architecture the project sets an unprecedented example.

The building was commissioned by the city of Rotterdam and designed by multi-architect team DeltaSync/Public Domain Architects. It currently serves as an exhibition and event center and is designed to be relocated in future. Interested to visit it and take a look inside?

For booking information please visit: www.drijvendpaviljoen.nl


Bart Roeffen

Bart Roeffen


“Looking back, considering all the challenges that were involved, the only reason this iconic building is now a fact is because all the different parties that were involved managed to put the project’s interest above their own and work together to make it happen.“