This eye-catching structure in Rotterdam has become a global example for climate adaptation and sustainable innovation. It’s an attractive conference and exhibition space designed to be relocated. The floating pavilion bridges the gap between port and city – land and water – and offers attractive working and living environments in the historic port area. Floating structures provide a safe and climate robust solution for these unprotected areas outside the dikes.

The pavilion is being heated by solar energy, cooled down with surface water and has different climate zones so energy is used efficiently. Toilet water is being filtered and discharged in the surrounding water.

The building was commissioned by the city of Rotterdam and designed by multi-architect team DeltaSync/Public Domain Architects. To learn more download our brochure.

In July 2021 the Floating Pavilion in Rijnhaven has been moved to the Schiehaven, one stop before its final destination, the Dokhaven at RDM Campus, where it will be reused as an energy hub and inspire the new generation.

The move of the Floating Pavilion was recorded and available here. Video of the move to the final destination, RDM Campus, is available here: Drijvend Paviljoen verplaatst naar RDM Rotterdam (in Dutch). More information about the move is published by Resilient Rotterdam (in Dutch).

Bart Roeffen

Bart Roeffen

Cofounder & Architect

"Looking back, considering all the challenges that were involved, the only reason this iconic building is now a fact is because all the different parties that were involved managed to put the project’s interest above their own and work together to make it happen."