Green Float

Japan, as the world leader in floating solar projects, remains to be the front runner for large-scale marine floating city development with its well-tested design concept, GREEN FLOAT. Blue21 has collaborated with the Emerging Frontiers Division, Ocean Programs of Shimizu Corporation since 2018. With current trends and needs of cities, Blue21 deeply believes that the time to realize the first GREEN FLOAT is about to come.

GREEN FLOAT, the floating city project will be 3 kilometres in diameter, featuring a 1,000 metre tall skyscraper city. A “city in the sky” will be located on the upper 300 metres and the lower levels will be used to house natural farms and shops. The middle levels are designated for plant factories, whilst the upper levels will hold residential areas that can house 30,000 to 50,000 people. Energy will be drawn from solar power, so plentiful sunshine is a must, while the structure of the island demands reliably calm waters, low wind speeds, predictable temperature and a low risk of tsunamis or typhoons. For further information visit the Shimizu GREEN FLOAT Project Page. 

Green Float- Floating Urban Development: Solutions to the 21st Century Urban Challenges intro can be downloaded here.


Karina Czapiewska

Karina Czapiewska


It has been a great honor of Blue21 to assist Shimizu corporation with location scan, market research, and strategic decision making in the development process. With the diligent and highly competent team of Emerging Frontiers Division, Ocean Programs, led by Mr. Masaki Takeuchi, Blue21 has faith that we will be able to find the first home for GREEN FLOAT with the suitable product-market combination


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