World Conference on Floating Solutions


Initiated and co-organized by Blue21, PAVING THE WAVES marked the 2nd World Conference on Floating Solutions WCFS2020. With enormous success, the conference attracted over 70 presenters from around the world showcasing the most state-of-the-art innovations on water.

WCFS was first initiated in 2019 by the Society of Floating Solutions Singapore with the aim of bringing international experts from the industry to share knowledge on floating solutions. Going on from the previous year Paving the Waves sought to generate conversations between the urban and the offshore, exploring how floating solutions could create a common ground for the two in the face of 21st-century urban challenges.

Watch the presentation of Blue21 given by the organizer speaker, Rutger de Graaf, below.

For more information, please visit the website of PAVING THE WAVES- World Conference on Floating Solutions.

Presentations have been recorded and made available on the vimeo of Blue Revolution Foundation.

Book of proceedings have been published by Springer and can be ordered here.


FEATURED Presentations