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Project Definition

Who are the stakeholders in your floating development? They are to be found in the governing bodies, on the customer side, but also the architects and engineers.  What questions to ask them? How to finance your project? To insure it, and sell it on? How to get all stakeholders on board? What are the main objectives you want to achieve with your floating project? How do they translate into project requirements for architects and engineers who will work on your project? These and other questions will arise from your first idea on floating. 

The complexity of floating projects exceeds that of building the same projects on land. How to handle this kind of complexity is something your team probably has not encountered yet. We however have been doing this for almost 2 decades. If you are in need of a firmly defined project, allow our experienced team to help. 

A good project definition is an important success driver for any project. Together with you, we will define various project components, including vision, location(s), program of requirements, basic timelines and ballpark budgets. An envisaged consortium for project realisation and preliminary development roadmap will be created. You will have a (online/physical) interactive session with the Blue21 team to formulate both the hard (must-have) and soft (nice-to-have) requirements of the project.

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Project Definition

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Project Definition

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The Project Definition will be made into a Powerpoint, written in English and sent in PDF..

The Project Definition can serve as the basis for further discussion with stakeholders or services from Blue21. Having the timeline and preliminary budgets in place makes your project SMART.

The project definition is a recommended step before starting with the conceptual design.

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Blue21's Project Definition


€ 7,495

Investments of a Project Definition are starting from €7,495. Based on the complexity of your project the price may increase.

Our Expert Team

The Blue21 team is a globally leading engineering firm with unique know-how in floating infrastructure, marine engineering, sustainability, and related fields of expertise. Our knowledge includes aspects such as: wave loads, structural dynamics and stability, mooring systems, platform connections, environmental impact, floating platform technology, platform manufacturing, design optimization and building logistics.

Initiative Phase

Get to know your journey and the steps we take through the value chain of floating project development

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