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    Ever since the launch of Blue21, we have been focused on the opportunities that the water provides to solve the most urgent global problems. These include fundamental challenges such as climate change, urbanization, population growth and land scarcity. We call this shift of humanity to the oceans ‘the Blue Revolution’. It includes using the oceans in a sustainable way to make cities, produce food and energy, and create new ecosystems. To learn more you can read our blog: 7 reasons why our future is on the water, get upto date with our most recent press items or watch our TedX featured presentation.

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It’s time to join the Blue Revolution!

Our team of leading experts in maritime urban design can take your vision from concept to reality. Get in touch or learn more about the Blue21 team by visiting our network page.

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    If you want to know how we are working to achieve our mission of creating floating cities with a positive ecological and social impact on our planet? Have a look at our services and view our trusted partners and clients working towards making this vision a reality.

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